This page is intended to provide general, spoiler-free advice to those playing TLGG. None of the information contained here is necessary to know before playing the game, but it may offer suggestions or ideas that will improve your overall experience.

  • Those that have played my previous game demos may find themselves checking every nook and cranny for fun anecdotes and/or secret items. I’ve tried to limit myself to a few notables this time, scattered throughout Kacey’s home. Don’t give up after a blank or two.
  • You are encouraged to inspect objects or talk to other characters at least twice. They almost always have new or extra things to say if you chat them up. You will find this dwindles a bit later in the game, due to time constraints.
  • Always check the kitchen whenever you have unrestricted access to Kacey’s home. This is your main source of healing items. Don’t forget to load up on Mom’s cookies!
  • Feeling a little fragile in battle? Don’t forget to make liberal use of the Dodge command. Dodge allows you to evade most incoming attacks during the selected turn. Some boss abilities, however, cannot be dodged.
  • Lunar: The Silver Star (an inspiration for this game) had snarky messages for folks in the habit of re-checking chests that had already been opened. I’ve taken this to the next level. See if you can find all four randomized comments.
  • Tents are great opportunities to interact with your fellow party members. See how many different scenes you can find. Party members other than Theo will only have one scene exclusive to them; with Theo, there are a total of five.