Legend of Asguardia IV

“A band of unlikely heroes sets out on a grand adventure to save the world they love! What twists and turns await these brave Asguardians? Only time will tell…”

Referenced often in The Looking-Glass Girl, this lighthearted homage to RPGs of old is a short, quirky “RPG simulator” focused on replay value. Prepare and equip your assembled team of would-be heroes, then set out to explore the monster-inhabited depths of Asguardia in search of mystery, treasure, and glory! Many of the events you encounter along the way are randomized, making it impossible to see and do everything in a single play session. Each session takes around 20 minutes to an hour to complete. Automatic party movement in most areas of the game leaves you free to manage your resources and face down the many foes that threaten to bring your journey to a halt. Wise planning and adaptation are the keys to your success. If you should fall, try, try again – kick back and start up a new quest for victory, all in your spare time.

Players that have already completed some or all of the main TLGG story will get the most enjoyment from this game.

Legend of Asguardia IV is exclusive to those who choose to donate to future development of the TLGG series and others like it.


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In Legend of Asguardia IV, the game begins with the assembly of your party. The first slot is always filled by ALEM, the soon-to-be warrior hero of Asguardia. The other three slots are chosen at random from a list of five companions:

  • BESS, a green-haired huntress with a disastrous love life and a keen aim for her enemies’ hearts
  • CELESTRIA, a pop-idol magician with a voice like velvet – her songs light up the room, literally
  • DARRIN, somehow the knighted Captain of the King’s Guard despite his beauty and arrogance
  • EVIE, a clever, thoughtful thief-turned-professional-spymistress for the King of Asguardia
  • FALIS, a boyish priest seeking to spread the light of the gods throughout a darkening world

You may choose to watch the game’s introduction, which provides a quick look at the characters selected for you, or you may skip it and begin the game right away. Skipping the introduction is recommended only for veterans of the game who are already familiar with all of the different characters.


Gameplay – Day

Each session of the game takes place over the course of one day-night cycle. During the day, there are three “preparation” locations that the party may travel to:

  • Zozo’s Mystical Trading Post, notable for its selection of quality magical goods
  • The Hero’s Burden, notable for its very limited stock at very, very low prices
  •  The Golden Goose, notable for having the best selection and prices that reflect it

One of these locations is selected at random, and the party will make their way toward it on the world map, stopping to encounter any enemies they find along the way. These locations serve as your opportunity to purchase items, weapons, and armor before embarking on your adventure. Stock differs between locations, and some stocked items are random between play sessions, so be sure to browse before handing over your hard-earned gold! You never know what you’ll find.

These locations are your only chance to control which items, weapons, and armor your party possesses. While you may get lucky and find useful items in the hands of defeated foes, or locked away in rare treasure rooms inside dungeons, it is best not to rely on these gifts from the gods. The King of Asguardia provides you with 5000G to provision your journey, and having certain characters in the party will provide you with additional funding as well. However, these stipends will not stretch forever; most of the time, you will have to make difficult decisions about what to bring with you and what to pass on. Well-rounded and prepared parties have better survival rates.

As the party’s leader, each location also has something special for ALEM to do. Visiting locations with certain characters in the party may uncover hidden options and secrets. Your choices in dealing with your teammates and the other people of Asguardia may help or hinder your progress, so be careful which enemies you choose to make.

Use this time to equip any new gear you have purchased. If you choose, you may use the skills and items you have to patch up any damage you sustained during your travels. Keep in mind that there are no inns, free heals, or save points in Asguardia, so each skill or item you use now is one you won’t have later.


Gameplay – Night

As night falls in Asguardia, the party travels to its final destination. Be sure not to underestimate the walk; depending on which location you were assigned during the day, the trip across the map may be less than convenient. Your journey will take you to one of three possible dungeons chosen at random, each with its own challenges:

  • The Magician’s Tower, notable for being the shortest dungeon; features lots of different potential boss fights
  • The Fortress of Tears, notable for being long and maze-like; features lots of traps and diversions
  • The Castle of Despair, notable for being the longest and hardest dungeon; features heavy use of status ailments

Your health (HP) and Action Points (AP) are your most precious resources, so make sure that you use your inventory and skills to your advantage when possible. Balancing the risk of death or failure with the risk of running out of AP or items at a critical moment is an art form. Cautious players may find that their journey is longer and more grueling than it needs to be; excessive risk-takers may find themselves burning out too early to achieve success.

During a dungeon, you may encounter a choice of which direction to go. You may see possible directions that are not offered as choices; because all movement in the game is forward-only, these indicate an alternative path that leads to your current location. Some choices are cosmetic, but others may lead to secrets. For example:

  • Dead ends. Dead ends trick you into wasting time and resources exploring useless sections of the dungeon. This results in battles that could have been avoided. Dead ends are chosen at random, and might have gone somewhere useful instead. Carrying an Old Map in your inventory will ensure that you don’t see these.
  • Shortcuts. Shortcuts are faster, shorter routes through the dungeon that help you reach the final boss with less difficulty. However, keep in mind that shortcuts also reduce the number of battles you fight (and your opportunity to benefit from them.) They may bypass traps – but they may bypass secrets, too…
  • Treasure rooms. Treasure rooms provide you with a rare surplus of items. Only items and weapons may be found inside treasure rooms. You get five random selections from the entire list of game items and weapons; you may also get unlucky and draw nothing for a given selection. Certain characters will provide you with additional selections.

Checkpoints are offered whenever you change floors within a dungeon. Use these opportunities often to make changes to your equipment, or use abilities and items to prepare yourself for the next leg of the journey. Overconfidence is often the death of a would-be hero’s quest for glory…



If the party succeeds in defeating the final boss of the dungeon, you have reached the end of the game victorious. Congratulations! The credits will roll.

After the credits end, your party’s Worth (the total amount of gold you possess, plus the amount of gold your inventory and equipment are worth, minus the gold and equipment worth you started the game with) will be calculated to determine your final score. Whether you retire with a golden spoon in your mouth, or a pebble in your boot, you have saved Asguardia from ruin yet again… and next time, perhaps you’ll be even richer.

Looking for a challenge? It is rumored that the wealthiest, most successful heroes receive a visit from someone… unexpected.